About Changchun


        As capital city of China’s Northeast Jilin Province, Changchun has had a reputation as the country’s “Automobile City”, “Film City”, “Sculpture City”, “City of Science, technology and Culture”, and a “Forest City” as well. With a strong industrial base, abundant agricultural resources, advanced scientific and technological infrastructure, and highly developed culture and education, the city is fast becoming one of the international modern cities in Northeast Asia.

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Geographic Location

        Changchun City is situated at the heart of Songliao Plains in northeast China, and its counties and districts located at 124'18" - 127'02" east longitude, 43'05" - 45'15" north latitude. The total area of Changchun is 20,571 square kilometers. The city stands at the center of the three northeast provinces, and at the crisscross point of the third east-westward “Europe-Asia Continental Bridge”.

The Administrative Divisions

        There are 6 districts of Chaoyang District, Nan’guan District, Erdao District, Kuancheng District, Lvyuan District and Shuangyang District, 3county-level cities of Dehui City, Yushu City and Jiutai City, Nong’an County, and 4 development Zone of Changchun Economic & Technological Development Zone, Changchun New & Hi-tech Development Zone, Changchun Auto Industry Development Zone, Changchun Jingyue Economic Development Zone.

Population and Multi-ethnic

        The total population of the city is 7.5million, of which urban residents are 3.581million. This multi-ethnic city is the home to 46 ethnic groups including Koreans, Mans, Mongols, Huis, and Xibos.