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Northeast Asian Cultural and Creative Technology Zone

        In 2010 , according to the development status of economic society and technology culture undertaking of Jilin province, in the leading and promoting of the Government of the Jilin Province, Changchun City and High-tech Zone, depending on the professional and talent advantages of Changchun University of Architecture and Civil Engineering as software and owned building as hardware, Jilin Architecture & Decoration Group founded Northeast Asian Cultural and Creative Technology Zone, which is becoming high-end services agglomeration area promoting the development of cultural and creative industry of Jilin province.

        Northeast Asian Cultural and Creative Technology Zone lies in the south of High-tech Industrial Development Zone, covering an area of nearly 200,000㎡with a construction area of more than 350,000㎡. It plans to invest 3.2 billion yuan, in which Jilin Provincial Architectural Group invests 1.2 billion yuan and attracts 800-1000 enterprises with the investment of 2 billion yuan. After completion, the annual income will be 3-5 billion yuan. It provides 34 practice bases for students, and another 88 out-of-campus practice bases are also provided to students to simulate the real working conditions and practise skills.

Cinque Terre

        Technology Zone includes international park ---- the Planning Japanese Garden, Korea Park, Russian part and the existing Chinese park. Industrial park focuses on four industry clusters ---- creating the innovation chain of animation games, software and service outsourcing, creative design, education training and builds cultural and technological ---- R&D, production and sales of products, trading and application of results, creating an industrial park based on culture heritage, driven by creation, guided by science and technology and targeting to serving the urban and regional economy.

        Technology Zone will be based in Jilin Province facing “Chang Ji Tu” and extending to Northeast Asia. Through continuous gathering of cultural and tech enterprises, a platform of corporate communication, cooperation and development will be formed. And a world-class culture and technology and art with, cross-border cooperation and distinctive regional characteristics will be built up.

Northeast Asian Cultural Industries Academy

        Northeast Asian Cultural Industries Academy (NACIA) was established in 2012, after the Sixth Plenary Session. As the new forces of culture industries research institute arises at the historic moment of the national cultural industry with the great development and prosperity. It is sitting at the platform of a national culture park, universities, in-park enterprises and government, consists of the Northeast Asian Cultural and Creative Technology Zone, Cultural and Creative Industries College of Changchun University of Architecture and Civil Engineering, the in-park companies, the in-park financial institutions, the in-park intermediary organizations, the in-park government's service platform, which effectively implements the combination of “Government, Industry, University, Research, Funds and Intermediary”. It is a fire-new and characteristic cultural industries research institute with new mechanism, new pattern and new way.

Cinque Terre

        NACIA will consider the Zone, the in-park university, the in-park companies, the ten in-park comprehensive service platforms as the experimental fields, through full tracking, collection, analysis, and dealing with sufficient information to carry out the cultural industry in domestic and foreign research.

        NACIA is committed to the research of the domestic cultural industries policies in different areas and different developmental stages as a whole; the research of development mode and elements with different types of parks, different forms of the enterprise; the research of development trend and causes of International and domestic cultural industries; the research of developmental issues related to cultural undertakings and cultural industries; the research of cultural phenomenon and industries in the Northeast Asia and the Kanto.

        We are willing to explore new models, new experience, out of the way for the development of China's cultural enterprises by our research achievements; give policy advice, development Suggestions for the development of national cultural industries; actively participate in the research of China's cultural industries development theory system; At the same time, develop the urgent-needed and high-end talent for national cultural industries development.


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