Schools and Specialties

SCHOOLS 4-year Undergraduate Programs
School of Architecture and Urban Planning Architecture
Urban Planning
Landscape Architecture
School of Civil Engineering Urban Underground Space Engineering
Civil Engineering
School of Transportation Road Bridge and River-crossing Engineering
Surveying Engineering
Traffic Engineering
School of Urban Construction Building Environment and Energy Application Engineering
Water Supply and Drainage Science and Engineering
Environmental Engineering
Building Electrical and Intelligent
Security Engineering
School of Electronica and Information Electrical Engineering and Automation
Computer Science and Technology
Electronics and Information Engineering
Communication Engineering
Logistics Network Engineering
Information Security
School of Management Project Management
Project Cost
Business Management
Real Estate Development and Management
Financial Management
Social Work
School of Public Art Environmental Design
Public Art
Art and Technology
Cultural and Creative Industries College Visual Communication Design
Product Design
Environmental Design
Digital Media Art
Digital Media Technology
Cultural Industries Management
Electronic Commerce
              Basic Teaching Department
              Section of Ideological and Political Theory
              Section of Physical Culture


Yue Zhao

  • Deputy Director of International Office
  • TEL:86 431-89752030


  • Sheling Campus(14km on Changqing Road), Shuangyang District, Changchun, Jilin Province, P.R.China